Behind the scenes from yesterday’s shoot.

Had a shoot yesterday for Anagon's newest collection!

Here’s our props:

Of course, from Anagon Collection

Footwears from AsianVogue. Mine’s in the middle!

Clothes from Trunkshow.

Kisty’s luggage of props!

Make up by Grace.

Grace doing Jessa’s make up! So super girl *u*

Behind the scenes:

Because there is something wrong with my heels. :(.

Pretty Jessa and Je with our BTS photos, Chai.

Here’s our polaroid photos from Kisty’s!

With the supergirl *u*

With Ana and Chai

With Je and Ana!

Work picture!! Hahaha.

MUA Grace, Photog Kisty, Models Jesrhel, Jessa and me, Accessories by Ana!!, and our BTS Photog Chai! :)

BTS photos from Ana’s itouch!

Had so much fun yesterday. Met new friends, had a fun shoot and went to North in a village within a village with full of dogs! <3. Hee. Can’t wait for the final pictures!!

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